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Animal Hoarding San Diego | Where to Go for Help

Posted by Kim Jones on Mon, Jun 26, 2017

People who hoard animals are typically well intentioned. Their love of animals might draw them to take in unwanted cats, dogs or other animals. But when someone hoards animals, no matter the good intention, the animals and the person are in danger.

Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's leading provider of animal hoarding clean up services. We have specific certifications and training that allow us to help resolve the hoarding situation with compassion, while repairing and restoring the property.

When someone hoards animals these conditions cause severe neglect to the animals, including the lack of proper food, sanitary living conditions and veterinary care. These animals suffer and then present serious health risks for the humans who occupy the home.

Animal hoarding is considered a psychological disorder. Dementia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and attention-deficit hyeractivity disorder can all contribute to animal hoarding.

Learn more about Lola, a cat rescued from a home with 700 cats! She is a survivor thanks to the local humane society.


If you or someone you love is hoarding animals, call us. We can help. Or click the form below to have us reach out to you and discuss your options:

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