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Restoration Companies: How do I find the right one?

Posted by Kim Jones on Mon, Oct 29, 2012

When you need a to hire the right restoration company it's because you've got a problem -- a flood to your home or business -- fire damage -- a sewage leak -- you've discovered mold. None of these are fun situations and they can be complicated to repair and claim for insurance. That's why knowing how to hire the right restoration contractor is so important. Restoration Contractors are different than general contractors. Restoration contractors specialize in the remediation and repair of damaged property. We are experts at repair and in dealing with insurance adjusters. We represent you -- and make sure you get what you need and your property is back they way you want it.

We think there are some very important things to consider when hiring a Restoration Contractor. Our tip sheet can help. Here are a few of our tips:

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Step 1.  Get a Proposal: Ask the contractor to explain what’s wrong and what they would do to fix the problem. A thorough visual inspection is the first and most important way to determine the damage and recommend necessary repairs.

Step 2. Ask about Experience: A contractor who is estimating your repair should be happy to tell you about other jobs like yours that they have completed. They should tell you what type of personnel would be involved in your job, and share with you their experience, qualifications and references.

Step 3. Interview the Prospective Contractor: To hire the right company they need to know what the facts are about your situation. They should be asking you questions about what happened and what you’ve noticed in order to evaluate the building. Ask about industry standards and affiliations the contractor has with organizations that monitor quality for the type of restoration services you need. Also, make sure the Contractors State License Board licenses them.

If you want all the tips, we'd love to give them to you! Just click below for our 5 Steps to Hiring the Right Restoration Contractor. We offer discounts, too. We are here to help.

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