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Inspirations From Your San Diego Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, May 16, 2013

san diego kitchen remodel contractorHave you been thinking about it for a while? Wondering what a new kitchen would look and feel like? Maybe it's time to move it from your "someday" list to your "maybe soon" list, or even your "BOOM let's DO this!" list. Clean Earth Restorations is a San Diego kitchen remodel contractor and we are here to help you get your project off the ground and into reality. Just think of how exciting summer will be with your new kitchen in view!

We encourage our clients to spend some time dreaming about their new space, describing and defining what they would like and need. Ending up with a successful project depends a lot on starting with a clear goal.

We can definitely help you do that. And there are also many new resources out there for homeowners to find, organize and share inspiration.

One of the most exciting ones is Houzz. Wait! Before you click on that, make sure you have a few (or a million) minutes to get lost in all the possibilities. Like Pinterest (see below) the wealth of information and interesting ideas is phenomenal. Houzz is "a collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together in a uniquely visual community." In other words it's very much about home designing, renovating, and building. And it's very visual, and pleasant, and easy to use. Whether you're a homeowner, a renter, an architect, an interior designer, a contractor or just a dreamer, there is something for you. It's an easy way for people to get inspired and to request or share project advice. One of its best features makes it possible to make your own "idea book", collecting all the ideas and inspirations you find into a cohesive virtual space. Oh, and it's free! Take a look, you won't be sorry.

Pinterest is another resource you won't want to miss. Pinterest calls itself "a tool for collecting and organizing things you love". When you join Pinterest (for free) you can begin collecting the resources you find on the Internet by "pinning" them to your bulletin board. The resource must have an image in order for Pinterest to be able to pin it, like a picture you would pin to a real inspiration board. You can choose to keep your pins and boards private or open to friends and/or the public. The great wealth of Pinterest is that many people choose to share their pins and boards and you can browse and re-pin pins from other Pinterest users who have often created boards with subjects like "my dream kitchen" or "rustic kitchens"... It's also possible to apply and search by hashtags, which makes the experience even richer. And if that all seems like a bother, you can simply browse the Home Decor or Design sections and watch the ideas cascade down the page as you scroll. Easy as pie (like the one you might make in your new kitchen!).

These are two of the many rich resources the Internet offers for home renovation and design. See Clean Earth Restorations' Dreaming and Scheming for many more links. Call us today to take your first step toward your new dream kitchen! 1-888-471-6653


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