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San Diego Water Damage, Sewage Mitigation | Go Pro?

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

san diego water damage

Should you call a professional when you have (San Diego) water damage or need sewage mitigation? A water accident in your home or business is never welcome, easy, or fun. Along with stopping the leak/flood/overflow, you have to survey the damage, assess the risks and resources, and decide whether or not to call in a professional service to help put things back in order.

If you unsure whether or not you need to call a professional, here are 3 tell-tale signs that indicate you should call a professional for an assessment, at the every least.

  1. You suspect the water has seeped under floor coverings and/or behind walls.
  2. The flooding involved category 3 (black/sewage) water and porous building materials (such as carpet).
  3. You can see or smell mold.

The major concerns with flooding and water leaks are that mold may set in or that you may have germs and virus' that were brought in with the water or sewage. Both problems can cause health issues and mold can be extremely destructive to building materials if left untreated.

Even if you are unsure you need professional help with your water damage or sewage mitigation problem, contact Clean Earth Restorations today for a free estimate. (Click below for more information and discounts.) We can provide you with professional advice and have all the services you need to get your home or business back to normal.

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