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Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Jul 24, 2014

hoarding clean up san diegoClean Earth Restorations regularly handles requests for help in cleaning up properties in the midst of hoarding situations. Families, landlords, and hoarders themselves may all feel as though the clean up process is too large to handle on their own. At Clean Earth we view hoarding clean up as more than just moving objects and cleaning spaces. Behind each job there are real people dealing with complicated life situations. Understanding the various aspects of hoarding is helpful in bringing satisfaction to all parties involved.

Why people hoard, health and safety issues associated with hoarding, and rights and responsibilities in hoarding situations are all subjects that can bring a deeper sense of understanding. Here are a few online sources that touch on these subjects:

Once you have informed yourself, you may decide to begin a hoarding clean up procedure. If you are doing this yourself (and not through a contractor) it is important to proceed with care in removing unwanted objects. Keep in mind that large quantities of boxes, papers, and other items stacked over time may create dangerous or damaging shifts as you move them. Wearing appropriate protective clothing (including hand, eye, and respiratory protection) is also advised in extreme cases where hoarding may have produced mold, mildew, rodent or bug infestations, or animal feces and urine. Disinfecting and sanitizing all non-porous surfaces is necessary, and affected non-porous materials (such as carpeting) may have to be discarded and replaced.

If you are not able to remove clutter and clean up on your own, you can hire a specialized contractor. At Clean Earth Restorations we are a IICRC-affiliated inspection, cleaning and restoration contractor and bring years of experience in serving San Diego County residents to the table. Our hoarding services include free estimates and on-site evaluations, clutter removal, animal feces and urine removal and disinfection, odor removal, and complete back-to-original-condition restoration to damaged properties. Contact us today for any questions you may have or for a free estimate. 

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