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Flood Damage & Mold

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Fri, Aug 29, 2014

flood damage mold clean up san diegoDid you know that flood damage and mold often go hand in hand? That is why most flood damage clean-up companies also specialize in mold remediation too.

The key to stopping mold is to act fast. Water, air, and building materials create the perfect conditions for airborn mold that exists naturally everywhere inside and outside of buildings. Left without intervention or effective clean up, flood conditions can quickly evolve into a secondary form of damage - mold.

Though mold is sometimes not obvious right away, it can grow into large colonies under floorboards, inside of drywall, and other unseen places were flood water can infiltrate. Over time it will literally eat the materials your house or business is made of.

In order to avoid flood damage mold, you must quickly:

  • stop the source of the flooding
  • remove the infiltrated water
  • remove and discard the materials that cannot be saved
  • apply a deodorizer and a disinfectant to inhibit bacterial growth and mildew
  • thoroughly dry the flooded materials and property
  • monitor carefully the drying process to make sure no unseen areas are left with moisture (preferably with thermal imaging cameras)
If you have any doubt whether or not to call in a professional remediation company for a flood or mold conditions, you probably should. In many instances your insurance may cover an inspection and/or remediation. At Clean Earth Restorations, in addition to being one of San Diego's most reputable flood damage and mold clean up companies, we also offer expert advice to our customers and help navigate claims with their insurance companies.
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