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Carpet Water Damage | What Should I Do?

Posted by Kim Jones on Tue, Apr 04, 2017

With the rains we've experienced over the last few months, your home or business may have had water damage to carpets. This water may now lead to mold. Clean Earth Restorations are experts not only in carpet cleaning, but in water damage repair, flood damage - everything related to getting your home or business back in shape after water damage.

If you are handling water damage with a do-it-yourself plan, keep in mind these important steps:

1. Remove all water as soon as possible: get the water out with a wet-dry vac. A remediation company has the equipment to handle big areas with water/flooding.

2. Help the carpet dry with fans: it can take days with industrial fans blowing to dry out your carpet. Fans also circulate air, which helps with the drying process. You may be able to rent high powered fans from your local tool rental service.

3. Dry out the room: a dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture from the area, which will help prevent mold growth.

4. Clean the carpet: cleaning is critical to properly sanitize and deodorize, and often the padding needs to be replaced.

5. Sanitize the surrounding area: baseboards and walls and other hard surfaces around the carpet should be sanitized after water damage or flooding. A solution of 1.5 cups of bleach to one gallon of water is a starting point.

6. Check what's nearby: additional damage can be found under area rugs, on furniture and other surrounding objects. Check everything to make sure mold is not growing.

AdobeStock_134796996(1).jpegAccording ot the IICRC, the agency that certifies professional water damage technicians (and Clean Earth is a proud member), water damage of carpet can be repaired. But time is of the essence. The IICRC urges homeowners to consult a professional and says "only a trained technician can accurately assess the damage and determine what steps need to be taken."

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