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Crime Scene Clean Up San Diego | When You Need to Call an Expert

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, May 31, 2017

It's not a subject anybody wants to talk about, but when there is either a crime scene or an unattended death there is clean up involved. Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's expert in crime scene clean up services. AdobeStock_91307130.jpeg

The scene of a crime where there is either a deceased victim or an injured victim brings with it bio hazards that must be addressed. Bio recovery is a specialized training. Being certified to clean up at death scenes or unattended death scenes requires intense training that means you have met the stringent criteria of knowledge, experience and ability to properly clean the scene. This certification is done by the American Bio Recovery Association. Clean Earth Restorations' technicians are certified by ABRA.

Biohazards are present at the scene of a crime and can present health hazards, as well as the significant emotional stress of cleaning up after a death or crime. This is why you need to call in an expert company to help you through the process. Both the compassion and knowledge to properly clean, disinfect and restore the property are necessary to a successful outcome.

Often, these services are covered by insurance. We are experienced working with law enforcement, property managers, family members and landlords to help restore the property. This is a meticulous process that contains, cleans and returns the property to its state before the crime or death occured.

We are here to help. Don't deal with this alone. Call us today.

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