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Do Homebuyers Need Mold Inspections? San Diego Mold Remediators Discuss

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Mon, Aug 01, 2016

Mold growth can adversely affect human health and material structures. Though mold spores are naturally present both indoors and outdoors, it's not something that we want colonizing in the buildings we use. If left unstopped, it will literally eat your building, and can trigger allergies, respiratory and other health problems along the way. Mold isn't always easy to detect though with the naked eye, as it can grow in hidden places, like under flooring and inside walls. This can make it a problem for both homebuyers. If you are involved in a real estate transaction, there exist good reasons to request a mold inspection. San Diego mold remediation specialists, Clean Earth Restorations, give you some useful information about this type of service.


Mold Inspection - Yes or No?

The discovery of a significant mold problem in a newly acquired property is a terrible surprise, and can add remediation costs that weren't expected or budgeted.

Though in California known mold issues must be disclosed to buyers, difficulties can arise when mold issues are not obvious or known to the seller, or when a property is sold "as is".

Somehow, inspite of the legal framework in place to avoid it, mold issues can end up in court. With this in mind, it's in everyone's interest -- buyers, sellers, agents -- to assure that mold issues are properly investigated and addressed openly.

It's important for buyers to know that many home inspectors include contract clauses that say their inspections do not cover mold. In many cases they may alert the buyers to a potential problem that requires their further attention. This means that despite a very good inspection in every other way, the home you are buying may be harboring a mold problem. In this case, only a mold inspection can thoroughly address the issue, alerting you to potential future costs (that you may be able to use in negotiating your purchase price).

Many times mold is "tipped off" by seeing it with the naked eye, smelling it, or seeing evidence of water damage (ie situations where moisture could have induced mold growth). The presence of mold requires its remediation, regardless of the type of mold present. In this sense, you may not feel the need to hire the services of a mold inspector to identify the mold, but rather a remediation company to get rid of it.

However, the presence of a toxic mold may affect your decision on the property and you may feel better knowing exactly what you're dealing with, in which case you should indeed contact a mold inspector who can test and identify what you have. (Example: you are moving in with your newborn child and want to make sure you are not neglecting a potential risk.)

You might consider foregoing a mold inspection if your home inspector does not recommend one. Is it possible that you can't see any evidence of mold, and your home has no mold problem? Yes. Is it possible that you can't see any evidence of mold, and your home has a big mold problem? Yes. Do you want to risk it? We can't answer that for you. Only you can.

A mold inspection will eradicate that unknown for you. It's an added expense in the homebuying process that can potentially save you a lot of trouble, time, and money.

Articles - More Info

Here are some articles with wider perspectives that may help you decide if you need a mold inspection:

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In the end, your decision to have a mold inspection or not will depend on the information and advice your receive from the sellers, your agent, your home inspector, and your own perception of the possible pros, cons and risks. For each buyer, the answer may be different.


Questions about mold inspections? We are happy to help. Estimates are always free! 619 284 4239.

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