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Flood Repair San Diego | Why You Need to Hire an Expert

Posted by Kim Jones on Mon, Aug 07, 2017

No one wants to think about a flood in their home or business, but if it happens you need to know what to do first. Even for small floods (a washing machine that overflows) you need to consider all of the potential damage.Clean Earth Restorations is a flood damage repair expert. We not only get the water out, but we know what to look for when assessing the damage, we provide a detailed estimate of repair and we work directly with insurance companies, representing YOU.AdobeStock_119871136 copy.jpg

For an area over 10 square feet a professional flood damage restoration company is recommended. If you've had a flood there are five steps we always recommend you do first:

1. Stop the water. Below the sink. Behind the toilet or washing machine. At the street meter. Wherever the source of the flood is, make sure the first thing you do is stop the flow of water.

2. Protect your valuables. Look around you and move things of value to a safe, dry place. Check near the leak to see if anything valuable is at risk of getting wet. Move these items right away. Don't assume if it's not wet now it won't get wet later. Water seaps up walls and into flooring and can sneak in where you are not expecting it.

3. Call a Restoration Company. An experienced and reputable professional flood damage repair specialist is a critical next step. At Clean Earth Restorations we have experience advocating for our clients with insurance companies. We know exactly what needs to be documented and how to navigate the claims process. We provide a detailed estimate, great communication throughout the process and most of all, not only handle the flood damage but can coordinate the restoration of your property.

4. Find the source of the leak. Once you've had time to catch your breath. it's important to know where the problem started. You need to know this to file a claim. Take pictures of what you see.

5. Call your insurance agent. It may not be necessary to file a claim, but they can help you figure out the best course of action. Remember they are your advocate, too.



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