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Handling the Clean Up at the Scene of a Death | San Diego Crime Scene Clean Up Services

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, Feb 22, 2017

When someone dies in a home or business, whether or not a crime occured, the police usually must first secure the scene, leaving the clean up of the death for later. What is already a tragedy for family and loved ones can quickly become even more stressful and complicated when it's time to face the challenge of properly cleaning the property. That's when a professional company, who specializes in death and crime scene clean up is critical. This is not a job that should be handled by the family, or by a company without the proper training.

When a family in San Diego faced the accidental death of a loved one, Clean Earth Restorations was there with our trained technicians to properly clean and santize the home -- and ultimately give the family some peace and closure.

Properly handling a the clean up of a property where a death has occured includes:

  • Containment and removal of the bio-hazardous material
  • Evidence is preserved for law enforcement (if necessary), including the appropriate coordination with law enforcement and other officials
  • Proper cleaning, disinfection and restoration of the property where the death occured
  • Compassion and consideration for family members who are navigating the loss of a loved one

There are relatively few companies who are trained and registered with the State of California to do bio recovery clean up services. At Clean Earth Restorations we are registered with the State of California (#391) and a member of ABRA, the American Bio-Recovery Association, the industry association leader in the field of biohazardous cleanup. We are also members of the Clean Trust, the association that sets standards for cleaning and restoration industries. There are many regulations that govern this kind of work and we work seemlessly with legal authorities and registered waste transportation companies to provide the most efficient service possible.

More importantly we are your neighbors. We have been serving San Diego for nearly 20 years, growing with each year. We understand the life situations that bring people to our door. We know that cleanup after a death, or at the scene of a crime, is hard to face and we are honored to help our customers in these challenging times.

See how one local job proved a challenge for the techicians at Clean Earth Restorations, and WHY hiring a professional company, with appropriate training is so important.


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If you need us, we are here. Click below for what to do when facing a death or crime scene:

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