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Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, May 24, 2017

Hoarding is an extremely difficult issue to handle, especially when trying to help a loved one deal with a hoarding problem. Hoarding clean up services can be costly and confusing to navigate. This is when talking to an expert can help. Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's leading professional hoarding clean up expert. AdobeStock_88910208.jpeg

We have trained technicians who understand the difficultites of dealing with both the damages that can occur to the property of a hoarder, and the sensitive nature of dealing compassionately with the person who hoards. The final outcome of the situation can depend greatly on how the clean up process is handled.

There are significant dangers to hoarding. These can include:

Health Hazards: Respiratory issues are common in hoarding situations because of the pollutants in the air, biohazards (from bathrooms that aren't working correctly) and more

Collapse and falling hazards: piles grow tall and collapse issues from those piles are a real danger. People falling because of lack of space for adequate movement in the home is a real issue, too.

Fire: the #1 danger in homes with hoarding, too many contents leads to the risk of fire and a hoarder can get trapped in the home and also risk the lives of first responders.

Mold: dozens of types of mold can cause illness and mold loves a messy environment where moisture and clutter help it thrive.

We can help! You don't have to tackle the issue of hoarding clean up alone. Give us a call for information about our hoarding clean up services:

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