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How To Go About Cleaning A Violent Crime Scene at a Business

Posted by Jackson Short on Sun, Aug 04, 2019

For most people running businesses, they usually never expect that anything violent or traumatic will happen in their workplace. But on the off chance that an incident does happen, it must be dealt with caution and best practices. First and foremost, cleaning up a violent scene SHOULD NOT be done by anyone other than professionals. We're here to give you some information on what to do in the event of a disaster.

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When something happens which results in violence or even possibly death, the first thing to happen is law enforcement will investigate the scene. DO NOT alter or attempt to clean anything until they arrive. Once they are finished they will likely give the green light to clean the property. However, this is not a job that should be done by anyone who isn't properly trained and certified in bio-hazardous cleanup.

You might think, "but cleaning it myself might save me some money." Before you have that thought, talk to your insurance agency. Most insurance policies will actually cover these types of cleaning services. When it comes to cleanup, this will be the first move you make.

Secondly, these types of cleanups can be traumatic for someone who isn't properly trained. Event like this can have a lasting effect on certain people, and you mental well being is just as important as your physical well being.

One of the main reasons for hiring a professional agency to clean up the scene is the presence of bio-hazardous substances. These substances require very specific removal and cleaning techniques. Additionally, the materials surrounding the event can also be affected, and will likely require remediation or restorative services.

OSHA has very specific requirements for handling, cleaning, and disposing of human fluids and tissues. These substances can sometimes carry diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, and other known harmful bacteria. Cleaning up a violent scene is best left to a professional crime scene cleaner, sometimes known as a "trauma scene practitioner." These professionals are usually called in for violent crimes, unattended deaths, and suicides. When it comes to cleaning blood, even if there only appears to be a small stain on a carpet, the stain underneath is usually ten times larger.

These professionals not only are used to cleaning scenes like this, but they know how to do so in an organized fashion. They know what steps to take first, and which equipment and cleaning agents to use. This makes stain and odor-removal much quicker and more effective.

Finally, it is important that you protect yourself and others at the work place. There are risks involved with cleaning bio-hazards. Here at Clean Earth Restorations, we are dedicated to smart and ethical business practices. It is important to us that we provide all of the knowledge, experience, and tools we have to be the number one professional cleaning and restoration service in your area. All of our technicians are registered with the California Department of Public Health, and are certified through the American Bio Recovery Association. Our focus is the health and well-being of all involved. Don't risk it. Don't go it alone. For anything related to any of our cleaning services, or to know more about our bio-hazard cleaning process, give us a call at 619-284-4239, or contact us at

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