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How to Tell if Your Loved One is a Hoarder

Posted by Luke O'Leary on Fri, May 18, 2018

Hoarding is a serious issue that can be a problem for many loved ones and families. Some people you would never have guessed could secretly be hoarders. Some people like to collect, and some people have a bit more than they should, but real hoarding is a serious issue. Hoarders can quickly get to a point where their hoarding is negatively influencing their health. One study has estimated that between 2 and 5 percent of Americans suffer from a hoarding behavior. Here at Clean Earth Restorations we take hoarding very seriously and have written out some signs of hoarding, so you might be able to recognize if a loved one is a hoarder.

signs of a hoarder

Behaviors of Hoarders

They Keep Acquiring Things with No Purpose

Hoarders tend to constantly be acquiring things they don't need, or even have a use for. Some hoarders can't ever turn down a bargain, and fill their homes with items that will never be used. This can range from specific types of items, or just a huge assortment of different things.

This can lead to collections taking over rooms. If someone you suspect has a hoarding problem, they might have a room they will not allow you in. (Not every room you're not allowed in is a hoarding closet!) If chairs not being used because they are host to a stack of items or rooms unavailable because they are completely stuffed with possessions, you might have a hoarder on your hands.

A lot of extreme hoarders don't have much room to move around in their homes because their collection restricts free movement. This can start of in specific rooms, having those rooms fill up and then moving on to the next room; or it can being with a gradual build up throughout the entire house. If you notice your loved one keeps piling things up and never getting rid of anything, this should be a sign they might need help.

Hoarders' Attachment to Possessions

We all have a couple of things we keep for sentimental value, and that is alright. With hoarders it is not just a couple of things, it's pretty much everything. When a person struggle to throw away items because they feel they might hurt the feelings of the item, or that they might insult the memory of their deceased grandmother by throwing away an old used tissue, you have a serious sign of a hoarder. Hoarders tend to get really attached to all their items, feeling that they really need them or that one day they will put them to use.

Not Just Items

Hoarding isn't restricted to just items, pet hoarding can be a serious problem. Some hoarders combine collecting a lot of items as well as pets, while some just fill their house to the brim with animals. There is nothing wrong with having a few pets, but when a person's collection of animals is putting them in an unhygienic living situation you have a real problem with an animal hoarder. It gets to a point where all involved, animals and the hoarder, are in an unhealthy living situation. No one in this situation can be properly or efficiently cared for.

Hoarding Signs, hoarding

Consequences of Hoarding

Relationships and Hoarders

Hoarding has a very negative impact on the relationships between hoarders and others. Many instances of hoarding tend to lead the hoarder into isolation. A horder can become filled with shame, so they never want to let anyone into their house, in fear they will be disgusted. Extreme cases cause hoarders to isolate themselves, disgusted in what they have become, but too ashamed to reach out.

Confronting a Hoarder

Hoarders don't want to be confronted about the problem. Many will become defensive, and even aggressive if you bring it up. Getting help can be hard and should be handled properly. Professional hoarding clean up services should be called in. You do not want to scare the hoarder away. A professional hoarding service knows how to handle the situation properly, efficiently, and with care.

Here at Clean Earth Restorations we take hoarding situations seriously. We are a San Diego professional hoarding clean up service, with years of experience. We know how to handle each situation with respect, care, and efficiency. If you or someone you know needs help with a hoarding problem, give us a call at (619)-284-4239 or contact us through our website at

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