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Mold Damage San Diego | Why Worry About Mold When It's Hot Out?

Posted by Kim Jones on Tue, Jul 18, 2017

When we are sweating out the summer months, it's hard to understand why we need to be concerned about mold -- there's not a lot of water around so how could mold even be an issue? But actually, mold thrives in the heat of the summer. The warmth is the perfect enviroment for mold to grow. AdobeStock_71270125 copy.jpg

Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's mold damage expert. We can assess whether your home or business has a mold problem and recommend the best course of action. Here are some tips to consider and ways to prevent the growth of mold:

  • If you have a leaky pipe or faucet, don't ignore it! Don't expect the heat of summer to dry out your property.  Fix those appliances or pipes right away.
  • Your air conditioner can help! On hot days mold grows best above 77 degrees, so keeping the indoor temperature below that level can help. Air conditioners also help with indoor humidity, which can lead to mold growth.
  • Your air conditioner can also be a culprit! Sometimes condensation occurs in air ducts, and that condensation can give mold the perfect place to grow.
  • Open your bathroom window or turn on the exhaust fan when you shower -- moisture builds up fast in bathrooms.
  • If you are suffering from allergies, mold may be the culprit. Sniffing, watery eyes and sneezing can all be signs that you have mold triggering an allergic reaction.

If you think you might have mold, consider calling a professional. Mold in an area over 10 a square feet should be handled by a company that is trained to remediate mold.

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