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Mold In the Shower

Posted by Jackson Short on Tue, Mar 05, 2019

Mold can grow almost anywhere, and is commonly found in areas with high amounts of moisture. On the most common areas of the home to be affected by mold is typically your shower. Here at Clean Earth Restorations, we get all kinds of questions on how to deal with mold and best clean up practices.

beauiful mold free shower

When it comes to small amounts of mold in the shower, this is typically something that can be cleaned without the need to hire a cleaning or restorations company. For more serious cases, or if you are unsure if the area is safe to clean, give us a call at 619-284-4239, or contact us at

When it comes to mold, almost all mold problems start off small, specifically at the microscopic level. Mold and mildew are basically microorganisms that need air and moisture to survive, as well as bacteria to live on. These three components are most always found in a shower. They can be around faucets, in between tile, on grout, almost anywhere really.

If mold is left alone, it can grow and spread. During growth, mold can release spores into the air that are toxic to humans and other animals, and can present a significant health hazard. Additionally, mold can break down components of the surface which it has grown on, and cause damage to your home. If caught in the early stages, most mold problems can be easily cleaned with mold and mildew cleaning products found in stores.

It is important to be mindful of your home, and be able to spot mold and mildew before it becomes a hazard. For example, if left alone in a bathroom, mold can grow along the lining of a bathtub, forcing you to completely re-grout the tub.

Another way to clean mold is with a home made solution. This can be done by adding one quart chlorine bleach to three quarts of warm water, and adding one third of a cup of powdered laundry detergent. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and coat the affected area generously. Allow the coat to sit for five to ten minutes before rinsing with water and drying with towels or paper towels. Some areas may need to be scrubbed with a sponge or brush, and some areas may need several coats before washing out.

When it comes to mildew stains, some simple lemon juice and vinegar will typically also do the trick. Just spray on the surface, let site for 3-5 minutes, and scrub it off.

Most of the components of this solution are mild chemicals, but it is always best practice to wear rubber gloves and safety goggles when using any type of chemicals. It is also important to ventilate the room so you do not inhale any noxious fumes.

Paying attention to your home and being aware of early signs of mold or mildew is a good way to save yourself from expenses, time, and worry in the long run. If you happen upon a situation where it may be slightly out of your hands, or if you have any questions about the mold cleaning and remediation process, feel free to contact us for tips, tricks, and all else.

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