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Spring is in the Air! | Commercial Carpet Cleaning in San Diego

Posted by Kim Jones on Tue, Mar 14, 2017

March is blowing in with blue skies and sunny days so far, and it's time to start thinking about preserving the life of the carpeting in your business. Commercial carpet cleaning in San Diego is led by Clean Earth Restorations. With years of experience helping local San Diego business owners keep their carpet in top shape, we offer excellent service, top quality cleaning and value! A winning combination.

AdobeStock_450486.jpegThe IICRC certifies professional carpet cleaners (like US!) and recommends that business owners ONLY use a professional. Using someone without the proper certification can mean the job isn't done right and you end up with more problems in the future.

Their number one reason for hiring a professional? Because professionaly trained technicians have certification in all types of fibers and construction, so they know which equipment and products should be used to get your carpets cleaned. And, they can best assess areas that need spot treatments.

If you don't use a professional technician you can cause damage to your carpets through over-saturation of the fibers, damage to the fibers and improper rinsing. All of this leads to your carpets wearing out more quickly and causing you increased expenses in maintaining your property.

When you hire a professional, here is what you should expect:

  • Assessment of the carpeting before any work is done
  • Vacuum of the floor to complete dry soil removal
  • Soil suspension and extraction using a preconditioning agent that will separate the soil from the fibers
  • Grooming to improve fiber piles,matting and to equally disperse protectors or conditioning agents
  • Drying process - your carpets should be dry in 24 hours

Make sure your professional carpet cleaner has received certification through the IICRC. Be assured that Clean Earth Restoration carpet technicians have!

And to top off this beautiful Spring weather, we have a discount for first-time commercial carpet cleaning clients: (Click below)

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