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Resources About Antifungal Paint / Mold Remediation San Diego

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Fri, Feb 26, 2016

Do you have mold or mildew in your bathroom? A lot of people do. Bathrooms provide all the conditions mold needs to establish and grow: moisture, warm air, and organic material (grout, drywall, etc). If your bathroom isn't ventilated well enough, you may find yourself with a chronic mold problem (that you should keep on top of with regular water/bleach cleanings). What if you want to re-paint your bathroom? Can you paint on top of mold? (No!) You must get rid of the mold first. You might then want to use an antifungal paint to inhibit the mold growth from returning. Here are some articles with good information about antifungal paint.



       Photo credit: from Benjamin Moore website (article below) 

From Benjamin Moore: Interior Paint Problems: Mold and Mildew Put Up Some Resistance! Paints That Control Mold and Mildew Growth Can Be Great Assets in the Kitchen and Bath 5 Tips for Using Mildew-resistant Paint

As one of San Diego County's business mold remediation service providers, we recommend taking small mold issues into hand before they get worse. Mold is a condition that doesn't just go away by itself. You need to be proactive about removing it and fixing the set of conditions that allows it to persist. For questions about mold removal, or to request a free estimate on our mold removal and remediation services, contact us through the coupon below:

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And download our free tips regarding dealing with mold:

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