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San Diego Fire Damage | Preparing Your Home and Property

Posted by Kim Jones on Tue, Jun 13, 2017

AdobeStock_73414303.jpegWith summer heat coming, it's time to think about your home and property and make sure you are fire safe. San Diego Fire Damage happens, and Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's local expert to help repair and restore your home or business after a fire! But, being prepared might mean you never need our services, and we think that is a good thing!

The vegetation around your home or business is what can put you at  most risk for fire. Areas that are higher risk for fire include:

  • When your property butts up to an area with brush and vegetation
  • When you are near coastal scrub or large areas of grass

There are two types of fuels for fires: fine and heavy. Removing fine fuels from your property can reduce the amount of heavy fuels that will burn. Fine fuels include:

  • fuels with a thickness of a pencil or less
  • fuels that ignite easily and can be carried by wind
  • branches, twigs and leaves on the ground
  • fibrous and dry tree bark that can act like a ladder and spread fire

Fires burn uphill faster and radiant heat pre-heats the fuel in front of the fire making it even more flamable. A string of hot days will dry out vegetation and put you more at risk. Wind significantly affects the speed a fire spreads, the direction it travels, the intensity and the likelihood that the fire will cause spotting, where embers travel and ignite in other spots.

If you do end up with fire damage, we can help! We have restored many businesses and homes after small and large fires. We know how to work with insurance companies, and will represent YOU, the owner in this effort. We offer free consultations after a fire, large or small, to help you assess your next step. Click below to request an appointment:

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