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The Costs of Mold and Water Damage: Financial and Health | San Diego Mold Removal

Posted by Kim Jones on Fri, May 12, 2017

San Diego isn't known for excessive rainfall, but this year we have had more rain and moisture then usual, and the risk of mold is a reality for many homeowners. Nobody wants mold in their home, but understanding the risks, both for your health and your pocketbook, is important. Clean Earth Restorations is certified to deal with mold removal and clean up. We know how to identify dangerous mold and how to safely remove it.AdobeStock_128593216.jpeg

The RealSeal company, who specialize in waterproofing basements, recently completed a customer survey of U.S. homeowners and renters. They gathered important information about the costs, both financial and health, of living with water damage and mold. Their survey results showed:

  • 31% had to take time off of work to deal with clean up after water damage
  • 37% spent more than $5000 to cover the losses after water damage
  • 13% had to leave their home becuase the house was inhabitable
  • 76% feared their family was being harmed by mold
  • 30% who had mold spent more than $5000 to repair the damages

Water damage and the subsequent growth of mold in your home can cause both financial and health issues. Not dealing properly with water damage when it first occurs can lead to more extensive damage down the road.

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