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San Diego Property Management - Referral Rewards Ideas

Posted on Fri, Sep 16, 2016

Are you looking for ways to keep your properties rented, or ways to encourage word of mouth about your properties and bring in more of the same quality renters you have already? One way may be to put some extra energy into your referral rewards programs. Below, Clean Earth Restorations gives San Diego property management companies some referral reward ideas.

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San Diego Property Management and New Water Heater Standards

Posted on Thu, May 21, 2015

At Clean Earth Restorations, we like to pass along information that helps our clients. Here are some articles that will interest San Diego property management companies and homeowners alike. On April 15th, new federal standards went into effect regarding the energy efficiency of water heaters. These standards affect not only your choices in the replacement of your current water heaters, but also the space that they require. For heaters with extra space around them, this may not be an issue. For properties requiring space modifications to accommodate the larger sizes of the new heaters, this could mean a major investment.

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