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What Causes Mold in a Home or Business? / San Diego Mold Experts Info

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Tue, Jun 07, 2016

Sometimes it's easy to tell why mold shows up in your home (or business) -- an ill-ventilated bathroom for example. But sometimes it's a mystery to our clients. Here's a recap of some informational posts about mold and why it grows in our homes and businesses. Clean Earth Restorations has decades of mold removal experience in San Diego County and can answer all your questions and provide free remediation estimates. See below for tips and contact details.


General levels of humidity in your home

The ongoing of level of humidity in your home or business may be contributing to the development of mold. Find out more in our post How Humid is Your Home?

Slow leaks / neglected home maintenance

Unfortunately, a lot of our mold clean up jobs go hand in hand with our water damage remediation jobs. And those are many times due to neglected home maintenance. Check out this post to see what that's about: 4 Sneaky Kinds of Water Damage

"Green" building practices

It is thought that current energy efficient building choices may also be contributing to conditions conducive to mold development. Read further in our post Is Your Green Home Causing Mold?

Those are a few of the ways that mold can show up on your property. Contact us today with any specific questions you may have about your property and mold:

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