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When Flood Damage in San Diego Creates Mold | Mold San Diego

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, Mar 22, 2017

The rain keeps falling in the San Diego region, and flood damage caused earlier this year can lead to a mold problem in your home or business. But, Clean Earth Restorations is here to help. San Diego mold experts, we can help identify mold on your property and advise how to remove it, as well as repairing any damage from flooding.floodedhouse.jpg

If you begin to deal with your water damage on your own it is important to keep some key things in mind (and why hiring a professional can make the most sense):

  • Don't start on any repairs until the damage has been fully documented with video and/or photos. (Clean Earth fully digitally documents during inspections)
  • Protect your health - floods can not only expose you to fast growing mold, but other contaminants can be present (Clean Earth considers health protection in dealing with floods and knows how to advise you on protecting yourself and others)
  • Involve your insurance company. Sometimes flood damage is not covered, depending on the source of the flood. But, stay in touch with your insurance to make sure you are not sabotaging your chances of coverage (Clean Earth technicians are experts and dealing with insurance claims and reps and know what your rights include)
  • Mitigate any mold damage. Mold can develop within 24-48 hours of flooding. Some items are better discarded (furniture that is fully saturated) and some items need professional cleaning after flooding (heavy carpets). Surface mold can be cleaned, but mold that grows behind wallboards, baseboards and under flooring is trickier.

Bottom line: if you've had water damage or flooding it is often best to bring in a professional company for an inspection, estimate and advice on how to proceed. Clean Earth Restorations provides free inspections and estimates and can give you the peace of mind that you have your bases covered as you decide how to move forward to restore your home or business.

We are here to help. We even offer new clients a discount on water damage services. Click below for our coupon:

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