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Calling a Professional Carpet Cleaner- The Benefits and What You Need to Know

Posted by Luke Henning on Wed, Jul 25, 2018

Sometimes we don't give our carpet enough thought. We vacuum constantly and keep things clean but they just don't seem to have the life they used to. Over time small stains show and they feel more coarse. You should know that the tools you are using are good for maintenance, your carpets need a deep cleaning with some heavy duty tools. Your carpets are like your teeth, consistent brushing and flossing is great, but you should still have a check up with a dentist once in a while. Whether you like to handle everything yourself or you can't seem to find enough time, you should consider a professional carpet cleaning on your carpets.

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Is Carpet the Right Choice?

Posted by Luke Henning on Wed, Jul 18, 2018

This is a big question when designing a room. You have to think about all the advantages and disadvantages of using carpet, or another flooring, for your new design. Even though sometimes our heart wants one thing, our brain tells us it's best to do another. If you are trying to decide what flooring to put down when designing a room, we have compiled some information to see if carpet is the right choice for you!

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Does Heat Cause Carpet to Smell?

Posted by Luke Henning on Tue, Jul 10, 2018

Hot weather and humid airs can be pretty uncomfortable, but they also affect your carpets. We have to remember that not everything that can damage our carpets is visible. When your carpets are subject to hot temperatures they might emit a smell. With the heatwave coming through San Diego we've compiled some tips to make sure your carpets are in their best shape!

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How to Clean a Spill on Carpets

Posted by Luke Henning on Mon, Jun 25, 2018

The most common problem with carpets is the inevitable spill. A particularly bad spill can do some major damage to your carpet's looks, giving it some bad stains that will bother you every time you go into the room. We've listed out some information to help you next time you have a spill on your carpets below.

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Some Quick Tips on Inspecting Your House for Water Damage

Posted by Luke Henning on Sun, May 13, 2018

Water damage is a genuine issue and can lead some serious problems. Water damage doesn’t just cause damage to walls and floors and cause mold to grow, but it can also cause permanent structural damage to the building. Over at Clean Earth Restorations we want you to be ahead of the situation, so we’ve written out some tips to help you out.

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Posted by Luke Henning on Sat, May 05, 2018

Time is always the most important factor in dealing with any damage remediation. As San Diego approaches it’s wet season we wanted to give some tips for preventing water damage to your carpets. Maybe it’s not a flood level crisis for every Southern Californian but even wet shoes can still be a problem, especially in high traffic areas in homes and office buildings. Here are some tips for dealing with water damage to carpets during San Diego’s short wet season.

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Do You Have Mold You Can't See?

Posted by Luke Henning on Fri, Apr 20, 2018

Mold is a concern for most homeowners, and even renters. It is especially prevalent in hot, humid areas (like San Diego in the summer time). Most of the mold you deal will is easily visible, but some mold keeps away from your sights. Sometimes your house/building can develop a musty and stale odor that you cannot find the source of. There's a good chance that this odor is from mold that is hiding from you.

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Pet Urine and Carpets, What There is to Know!

Posted by Luke Henning on Fri, Apr 13, 2018

We love our pets, we really do, but sometimes they cause some problems in our life. One such problem is when they pee on our carpet. Accidents happen, we know that, but we also know that these accidents can be more than just a little bit of wet carpet.

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Carpet Cleaning: How to Remove Gum from Carpet

Posted by Luke Henning on Fri, Apr 06, 2018

Gum – the nemesis of any clean carpet. As many parents of kids know, gum has a funny way of ending up in all sorts of places, including on your carpet. While it is generally fairly difficult to remove gum from carpet, it becomes increasingly more difficult to remove the longer it is left there. Not only is gum harder to remove after being neglected, it is also likely to be stepped on and pushed deeper into the carpet. Simply pulling the gum out of the carpet can damage the carpet fibers and end up causing a bigger problem than was originally there. Here we’ve compiled a list of techniques to help remove gum from your carpet in a way that will help preserve the fibers and keep it looking pristine.

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Fire Safety: How to Prevent House Fires

Posted by Luke Henning on Wed, Mar 28, 2018

It is easy to have the mindset of “That will never happen to me”. While it is hard to imagine being caught in the middle of an emergency, it is always best to take proactive measures to prevent an emergency from happening in the first place. Below we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks on how you can prevent house fires.

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