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Best 2015 Lists | by your best San Diego restoration company!

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Dec 31, 2015

It's that time of year -- when all the end of the year lists come out. We love them! Here is a list of some of our favorites. Enjoy! And happy new year from Clean Earth Restorations, your San Diego restoration company!


  1. BEST STATE FOOD: Which state has the best (official) food? Find out in A Definitive Ranking of U.S States Based of Their Official Foods. (California is #3, and we have 4 official edibles -- do you know what they are?!)
  2. SMARTEST SUPPORTERS: Does who you support say something about your grammar (or vice versa)? Apparently it does! Read about the most (and least) grammatically savvy presidential candidate supporters in New Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidiates by Their Supporters' Grammar.
  3. BEST BOOKS: What was your favorite book this year? According to more than 30,000 voters on, Harper Lee's 'Go Set a Watchman' was the best fiction book of the year. Check out the other categories at Goodreads Choice Awards 2015.
  4. BEST MOVIES: What was your favorite movie this year? Rotten Tomatoes' Top 100 Movies of 2015 says it was Mad Max: Fury Road. Do you agree?
  5. BEST ALBUMS: Compare your musical taste to RollingStone's Readers' Poll of the 10 Best Albums of 2015.
  6. BEST TV: There's so much good TV these days that it's hard to know what to watch! Wired Magazine lays out their 15 best TV picks in The 15 Best TV Shows of 2015. What say you?
  7. PEOPLE WE'VE LOST: the leaders, the celebrities, the inspiring, the talented who left us this year, in CNN's People We've Lost in 2015.
  8. BEST COMMERCIALS: Geico? Progressive? Snickers? See which commercials were cited as 2015's best at The Best Commercials of 2015: Geico's St. Bernard, Android's Friends Furever.
  9. BEST DESTINATIONS: How many of the 52 Places to Go in 2015 have you been to?
  10. BEST OF SAN DIEGO: The UT's 2015 Readers Poll of San Diego's best everything -- San Diego's Best. They don't have a best restoration company category but we feel confident we would be in it! :)

We'd like to also take this opportunity to thank all of our customers -- new and returning -- for choosing Clean Earth Restorations. It is our passion, our privilege and our pleasure to do business with you, and we look forward to helping you in all the ways we can in 2016.

Until then, happy new year to all!

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