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Best Fabrics for Homes With Pets

Posted by Jackson Short on Sun, Sep 22, 2019

For many homes, pets are also members of the family. Who doesn't love a good boy or girl? However, as many pet owners also know, pets have their own scent, which can easily become a part of your carpets and furniture. While there are ways to help mitigate pet smells with regular vacuuming and keeping your pet clean, there are also different types of carpet carpet and cloth fibers that can help with keeping your home smelling like your home, and not like your pet.

dog and cat on carpet

Three fabrics we find to help with pet smells are Ultrasuede, Crypton, and leather. Ultrasuede is a fantastic fabric that tends to stay cool and be very comfortable is almost all climates. The fantastic thing about Ultrasuede is that it feels and even looks like real suede, and it is also machine washable. Julia Szabo, a pet columnist who writes for the New York Post, recommends with as a comfortable fabric that fits well in any home.

Crypton is an odor resistant, as well as stain resistant fabric. The surprising thing about this fabric is how versatile it is. It can be used for many different purposes, including and certainly not limited to trow overs, mess mats, and dog beds. These fabrics can be used in the home for all types of furniture, and is even durable enough to survive outside as comfy fabrics for your lawn furniture. For more information and products, check out the Crypton website.

Finally, we have the classic: leather. Leather is a fantastic fabric that cleans off very easily and does not retain other smells. It is a great choice with pets when it comes to wiping off fur and preventing pet smells from soaking in. However, leather can get nicked and scratched. As a pet owner, you'll either want to look into more durable leathers, or potentially into leather alternatives, such as pleather, which has a similar look and feel as leather but is typically cheaper.

Despite all of these great options to help keep your home looking and smelling its best year round, it does not necessarily mean you don't need a good deep clean every once in a while. This is where we come in. One of the biggest culprits in retaining pet scent are carpets. We recommend at least twice a year (preferably once per quarter), to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Removing all of the dirt, dander, and grime from carpets will help with air quality within your home, spreading less allergens and leaving you house smelling clean and fresh. Not to mention your carpets feeling soft and rejuvenated afterwards (and very comfortable to walk on without shoes). For more information on keeping carpets clean with pets, or to schedule a carpet cleaning, give us a call at 619-284-4239, or contact us at

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