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How to clean your tile and grout

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, Sep 12, 2012

The grout between your tiles can get very dirty and stained, making your floors and counters look dingy. Knowing how to clean your tile and grout effectively can spiff up your kitchen or bath for pennies.

Grout stains can be easy to clean or very stubborn, depending on what caused the stain. For mild stains and mild mold, a grout cleaner purchased at a home repair store should be a good start. For deeper stains, look for a grout cleaner-stripper and for very tough stains choose an acidic cleaner. Make sure to test an acidic cleaner in a safe spot to make sure it does not damage your grout.

tile and grout cleaning san diegoYou will also want to pick up a grout brush to scrub the grout clean. Finally, consider sealing the grout after it is cleaned. Wait three days until it's completely dry and then apply a sealer. Make sure to select the same finish as was originally applied (matter or gloss).

Another great way to clean grout is with an bleach oxygen solution, found at your local Walmart or other store. Bleach oxygen is non-toxic, has no harsh fumes and is color and fabric safe. Cover the area with a mixture of the bleach oxygen and water. Let it sit. The longer it sits the better the stains will come out.

Clean Earth Restorations offers full service tile and grout cleaning. Sometimes the job is just more than you want to take on. For expert service and reasonable costs, give us a call for a free estimate. Your grout and tile cleaning job might be something you want to handle on your own, but if you need a helping hand and want it done right, we are happy to help.

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