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Water Damage San Diego: Could it be Causing Mold?

Posted by Blake Carroll on Wed, Nov 07, 2012

Water damage in your home or business can be a mess! Fixing the source and then dealing with the damage the water caused are your first steps. But mold is also an issue. Mold grows quickly and can complicate the clean up process.

If you are concerned you might have an issue with mold, after water damage, it's important to know the facts and know what you should do first.

water damage san diego

The number one thing to remember when dealing with water damage is that you have to move quickly. Mold thrives in areas that are dark and damp so the longer you wait to properly repair, the bigger chance that mold will become an issue for you. Mold can become a health issue if not taken care of properly.

Clean Earth Restorations is a professional mold remediation company. This means we have the training and equipment to get rid of the mold, make sure it doesn't come back, and take extra steps if the mold is deemed dangerous to your health.

For our Tips on Handling Mold, click here.

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