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Big Storm Precautions | Flood Damage San Diego

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Wed, Aug 21, 2013

flood damage san diegoThese days it seems like the weather is all over the map, so to speak. While California and the West endure rampant wildfires, places like Colorado and Missouri are dealing with severe flooding. It's too bad we can't get these two phenomena together to cancel each other out! Unfortunately disasters are sometimes unavoidable, but you can take precautions, and possibly minimize the effects of flood damage in San Diego. We've talked several times on the blog about how to take precautions against accidental and wild fires. We've talked about precautions to ward off accidental flooding, but we've never talked about what you can and should do in the case of a natural flood.

San Diego is known for its mediterranean climate and beautfiul year-round sunshine, but floods do happen in San Diego. (If you want too see some spectacular shots of flooding over the years in Mission Valley, watch this 2010 video from 10 News:

Even if you aren't in a historical flood plain, severe weather may affect your property or where you are when you are driving. Here are some good things to remember:

  • Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding. Check your policy or with your insurance agent to see if you are covered.
  • Keep important documents, such as insurance policies, in a safe deposit box.
  • Keep some basic supplies at work and in the trunk of your car. Bottled water, dry snacks, a first aid kit, a flash light and batteries. These can be used in the event of any other emergency as well.
  • Severe storms can cause flash flooding, mudslides, and high coastal surf, not just flooding. Keep this in mind during your travels.
  • Pay attention to weather communications from local authorities. You may receive a flood watch or warning, or a flash flood watch or warning. Flash floods can arrive within a matter of minutes and can be deadly. Move to higher ground.
  • Do not attempt to go around road barriers. If your car stalls in rising water, get out immediately and get to higher ground.
  • If evacuated by local authorities, disconnect electrical appliances before leaving (if you have time). SDG&E will advise through the authorities whether or not you should shut your electricity off at the panel and the gas off at the main valve.
  • Resist the temptation to go toward flooded areas to see - you may put yourself in further danger and hamper emergency efforts.
  • Do not go near downed power lines or broken gas lines. Report them immediately to 911.
  • Use flashlights to inspect flooded buildings instead of lamps, candles, or matches -- there may be flammable substances after a flood.

Flood damage is a job to clean up, whether it's from natural sources or your washing machine hose that gave out. Water must always be stopped, removed, and dried out to prevent further complications, namely mold. At Clean Earth Restorations we have across the board services from fire and smoke remediation to water and sewage removal and flood restoration. We have our own in-house contractors and sub-contractors who can immediately come into play if damage needs to be repaired and the property restored. Call us today for all of your flood damage needs in San Diego.


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