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How Often Should I Arrange for Commercial Carpet Cleaning?

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Oct 24, 2013

commercial carpet cleaning san diegoHow often you schedule commercial carpet cleaning for your business depends on the amount and kind of foot traffic your business receives. Clean Earth Restorations in San Diego gives you some helpful information about your commercial carpet cleaning routine.

Carpet flooring is an important investment for a business and an investment that can be protected by adopting a regular cleaning routine. Not only will this make the environment more pleasant for customers and employees, it will make the carpet last longer -- and save you money. There are three basic steps to follow:

1. Regular vacuuming (usually every day).

2. Immediate response to spots and spills.

3. Regular professional cleaning, to remove odors, matted fibers, and dirt particles that filter down to the base of the carpet and are difficult to remove with a vacuum. This should be done whether or not dirt is visible. If you wait until dirt is evident, matting and damage to carpet fibers have already begun.

Generally we suggest that businesses schedule professional carpet cleaning once or twice a year but of course this guideline should be adjusted according to the amount and type of foot traffic your business has. Examples of businesses that could use professional commerical carpet cleaning 3-4 times a year include restaurants, retail stores, nursing homes, businesses with many visiting children or pets, and businesses within close proximity to dusty, sandy, or grimy exteriors. Weather is another important factor in designing your cleaning schedule -- a particularly rainy season will usually dictate more frequent necessary cleaning.

If you need help assessing how often you should be having your commercial carpets cleaned, please contact us today. We are happy to give you a free estimate and give you advice on making your carpet last as long as possible.

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