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Take the True or False Test re Mold Removal | San Diego, CA

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Wed, Nov 20, 2013

mold removal san diego caMold is generally a not-so-happy subject for most of our mold removal customers at Clean Earth Restorations in San Diego. We thought we would create a little true or false test about mold to lighten things up a bit! (Answers at end of test.)

Answer true or false for the following 10 questions.

  1. Mold is a type of plant.
  2. Mold is used to make cheese and certain medicines.
  3. All mold needs to thrive is air and water.
  4. There are 1800 types of mold (that we know of).
  5. Mold is used to thicken certain types of glue.
  6. Mold comes in blue, purple, red, yellow, orange, and green.
  7. Mold in French is "moisissure"
  8. Mold is the name of a town in Wales.
  9. Mold is helpful.
  10. "Penicillin" is correctly spelled.

(Answers below.) Contact us today for any mold questions you may have and download our free mold tip sheet below.

New Call to action

New Call to action

Check your answers: 1) False. Mold is a fungus. 2) True. 3) False. Mold needs oxgen, water AND food (like a dead tree, or dry wall) 4) False. It isn't known exactly how many molds there are but some estimate there are hundreds of thousands of types of mold. 5) False. (Gotcha) 6) True. 7) True. (Everything sounds pretty in French) 8) True. 9) True. Mold is one of nature's ways of cleaning up dead matter. 10) True.

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