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4 Sneaky Kinds of Water Damage | San Diego

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Dec 19, 2013

Water damage can come in dramatic forms, from flash floods to backed up toilets. Other kinds of water damage are "sneaky" -- slow to creep up on you, unnoticed until it's too late and the damage is done. Here are a few sources of water damage you should know about. They are avoidable with some planned observation and maintenance. (And if you came to this page because you're in the middle of a flood emergency, call us 24/7 at Clean Earth Restorations for your water damage, San Diego remediation and restoration. (888) 471 6653.)

Chimney flashing: Chimneys that are not built on the exterior wall of a residence come up through the interior and the roof of the house. If the "flashing" (the sealing material around the chimney) is not water tight, humidity can infiltrate the roof and cause rotting or mold. Check regularly the interior area where the chimney comes through the roof for signs of water leakage, and inspect and fix the flashing immediately if you notice any water marks.

Washing machine hoses: Washing machine hoses are one of the biggest culprits in the world of water damage. Because they are often hidden from view, we rarely think to check them for wear and tear. When a washing machine hose blows though it can bring a huge amount of water inside your home at an incredibly fast rate. Replace rubber hoses with more reliable reinforced stainless steel hoses, check them at least a few times a year for signs of cracks or leaks, and replace them every 3-5 years whether you think you need to or not.

Kitchen sink faucets with pull-out spray: Many people don't think to check their pull-out sprayer connections unless the hose has been unscrewed enough to cause water to spray out where it shouldn't. However, if the hose and spray attachment are only slightly unscrewed, which can happen over time from normal use, a small amount of water can leak and slide down the hose under the sink where it will fall off the hose and pool. The water may damage the cabinet or seap underneath it to other structures, never to be noticed until it causes a stain on the outside of the structure or causes mold.

Window frames and sills: Leaking windows are troublesome in that the symptoms don't usually appear until a lot of damage has already occurred in places you can't see (ie inside the wall). Keep your eyes open for peeling paint on the interior of a wood window sill, peeling paint on the interior wall near a window sill, or rotting wood on the exterior window frame or sill. Once you've noticed any of these, don't put off calling a professional to see how to stop further damage and repair the source of the leak.

At Clean Earth Restorations we are specialists in water damage and repair. We are trained and equipped to deal with all kinds of flooding and water damage issues, as well as licensed general contractors capable of bringing damaged properties back to their full use and viability.

We are a family-owned and -run company, proud to serve San Diego and all of San Diego County. Contact us today for all your water damage needs:

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