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Wet Carpet? | San Diego Flood Companies

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Thu, Jan 16, 2014

san diego flood companiesHas your carpet been flooded? Clean Earth Restorations can help. Many San Diego flood companies take care of water-damaged carpet, but we are full-service general contractors as well.

The benefits of working with a company that can clean up water damage AND repair the structure? 


  • time saved through smooth coordination between tasks
  • bird's eye perspective of the entire project 
  • simplified communication
  • back to normal living and working as quickly as possible

When it's possible, saving carpet is always our first choice. But sometimes that's not possible. Carpet padding often has to be replaced, and some kinds of floods (black water/sewage, for instance) make keeping carpet unwise or impossible. Damaged drywall and other structural damage can accompany carpet flooding as well.

As flood remediation specialists AND general contractors we are poised to:

  • remove water with top-of-the-industry equipment
  • remove soaked or irreparable materials
  • dry structure and salvageable materials with top-of-the-industry equipment
  • provide humidity and mold testing
  • repair and renovate any damaged structural elements through full-service general contracting
Contact us today for a free estimate on your flooded carpet (below) and/or take advantage of our water damage discount or carpeting cleaning discount.
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