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What Does Mold Eat? | Flood Damage & Mold

Posted by Cindy Desmet on Wed, Jul 16, 2014

flood damage mold san diegoMold is one of those things you don't really think about until you have to deal with it, usually in the wake of flood damage. Just what is it - animal? plant? How does it start and what does it eat? Most importantly - how can you get rid of it? Luckily there are expert mold clean-up companies such as Clean Earth Restorations to give you answers. At Clean Earth Restorations we specialize in flood damage and mold remediation for all of San Diego County. We can answer any questions you have about flood damage and mold, no matter how small or large the problem.

Molds are a form of fungus, scientifically different from animals, plants, and bacteria. They need moisture, oxygen, and food to reproduce and survive.

They exist abundantly in nature and perform the important work of breaking down other substances. Their tiny spores are air-born and also end up in our homes.

Inside our homes we are likely to see them on aging fruits, old bread, or cheese. It's when there is undetected moisture or an inundation of water where it shouldn't be in the first place (washing machine hose explosion, sewage back-up, etc...) that mold starts to grow by eating and bio-degrading (ie destroying) our homes.

What does mold feed on? To put it simply, almost anything. If it's organic, it's food for mold. Mold especially loves cellulose -- paper, dry wall, wood, carpet, curtains. Left alone, mold will do its job -- ie eat and digest whatever it has access to.

That is why you must a) remove the mold, b) clean the affected area to remove all the spores, c) remove and replace any damaged materials, and d) remove the source of moisture which made life possibe for the mold in the first place. All of these steps are important since very small quantities of mold can lay low in the absence of moisture (leading you to think it is gone) but then reappear when moisture returns.

Nearly all homes contain mold in one form or another that can be kept in check with regular cleaning and maintenance. It's when you have a flood or slow leak that detection and remediation become especially important.

Clean Earth Restorations is San Diego's expert in flood damage and mold remediation. Call us with any questions or to request a free estimate on help.

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