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Do You Have Mold You Can't See?

Posted by Luke Henning on Fri, Apr 20, 2018


Mold is a concern for most homeowners, and even renters. It is especially prevalent in hot, humid areas (like San Diego in the summer time). Most of the mold you deal will is easily visible, but some mold keeps away from your sights. Sometimes your house/building can develop a musty and stale odor that you cannot find the source of. There's a good chance that this odor is from mold that is hiding from you.

Where Can Mold Grow?

Other than the areas you commonly see develop mold (toilet, shower/bathtub, around visible pipes), mold can grow in some areas in your home that aren't easily reached. It can hide away in between drywall sheets, behind wallpaper, inside ductwork, insulation, under the carpet, and in ceilings and flooring (especially basement ceilings).

Most of these areas can be accessed if you really wanted to do it yourself, but we suggest calling a professional mold remediation company. You don't want to be cause any unnecessary damages accessing the areas in which the mold rests.

Problems Unseen Mold Can Cause

Most household mold isn't toxic, but that's not to say ALL household mold isn't toxic. Mold that is toxic can cause some serious health problems to you and your loved ones if it is allowed to grow and reside in your home. Some of these health issues can even lead to the development of some serious conditions. Even if you aren't normally at risk to the dangers some molds pose, when you get sick and your immune system's defenses are lowered you can be at risk for some serious problems.

Even non toxic mold can cause some health issues besides having an unwanted smell. These issues include irritated eyes, pathways, breathing problems, and allergic reactions. Non toxic mold also can cause issues in people who have asthma, irritating the lungs and causing breathing trouble.

What do you do if you suspect you have some unseen mold?

Call a professional mold removal service! Sometimes you just want to do it yourself, but if you're inexperienced you may make issues worse. Improper preparation to checking suspected unseen mold areas could lead to disturbing mold colonies and allowing for the release of mold spores into other areas of the house/building, causing those areas to become contaminated with the mold. Call a local mold remediation service to get the job done right and protect the rest of your house. If you reside in the San Diego area, Clean Earth Restorations is ready to help you with any of your mold problems. Give us a call any time of day (really, we're ready to answer 24/7) at 619-284-4239 (or toll free at 888-471-MOLD [888-471-6653]) or contact us through our website at


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