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Getting New Carpet: How to Prep Your Home

Posted by Jackson Short on Wed, Aug 22, 2018

While it is always a good time to get your carpets professionally cleaned, there are also good times to get your carpet replaced, or to get new carpets installed. Upon finding the carpet that is perfect for your home, and prior to installation, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind in order to prepare your home for your new floor.

prep for new carpet

First things first, you will want to remove anything from the area being carpeted that is breakable and store it in either another room or an area that is safe from activity and movement. It is also wise to properly store and remove wiring from electronics, such as computers and TVs.

You'll want to check in your area for places where you can recycle the existing carpet.

Placement is important to think about. Knowing where your carpet is going to be placed in the room can play a factor. Typically seams will want to be placed in area with less visibility. However, this doesn't always mean the seams will be completely out of sight. When thinking of where you'll place your carpet, you'll also want to imagine where furniture will be placed on the carpet. This could potentially help cover up areas with seams that may be more visible.

If you are planning on having a cushion installed underneath the carpet, you'll want to plan accordingly. Since the carpet will have extra space to move, you'll want to stretch out the carpet beforehand in order to prevent any wrinkling or any bubbling from forming.

Whoever you are planning on having install your carpets, it is best to insist on them following the instructions that the carpet manufacturer provides. This will ensure best installation results, and will help prevent any future problems.

It is best to clean the carpet that is being removed, prior to its removal. This will help prevent any particles that are stuck in the carpet fibers from being released into the air. Once the old carpet is removed, it is a good idea to vacuum once again on the hardwood underneath to ensure the area is clean and ready for installation.

When cleaning old or new carpets it is best to call the professionals. You'll want to make sure your old carpet is as clean as possible before removal to ensure air quality and to prep the area for new carpet. Likewise, you'll want any new carpets to be cleaned and serviced by professionals, as to retain the integrity and health of the carpet to its fullest.

Installing or reinstalling carpet is no small feat, and can seem daunting. However, using these tips will help the process go smoothly, and will help give you more peace of mind. Here at Clean Earth, we pride ourselves in having up-to-date knowledge on all things carpet. For questions regarding carpets or to schedule a cleaning, give us a call at 888-471-6653, or visit our website at

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