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Guidelines for Disinfecting COVID-19

Posted by Jackson Short on Mon, May 18, 2020

As we navigate through COVID times, we are beginning to see the country open back up. States have created plans for reopening their economies, and the San Diego county has recently decided to loosen regulations on restaurants and dining. In the wake of this progress, it is important to continue with best practices that will ensure the health and safety of employees and customers. We have listed below disinfecting guidelines and tips to keep things clean as we move forward as a country.

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Working Disinfectants

For a list of approved disinfectants to protect against the coronavirus, visit the EPA website:
There are also ways to create effective homemade disinfectants. Alcohol solutions that have at least 70% alcohol can be used as an effective disinfectant. Bleach, if handled with care, can also be used to create an effective solution. A good ratio to go by is 1/3 cup of bleach to 1-gallon of water.
When cleaning and disinfecting, be sure to thoroughly clean frequently used items and surfaces, such as doorknobs, counters, light switches, all bathroom surfaces, computer keyboards and mouse, phones, chairs and tables, any railings, remote controls, recreational equipment, all kitchen surfaces, and anything else that is moderately to frequently used.

Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly and often. While washing hands may seem trivial to most of us, it is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Use warm water with generous amounts of soap, and thoroughly wash and scrub for at least 20 seconds. It is best practices to wash your hands after using the bathroom, before eating or handling food, after contact with pets or animals, and after coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose. Hand sanitizers with greater than 60% alcohol-based solution can also be effective at disinfecting.

If you do happen to develop symptoms of illness, stay home and be sure to keep your distance from others around you to prevent the spread of bacteria. Be sure to cover your mouth if you cough or sneeze, and dispose of all tissues properly. Other ways to remain healthy are to drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of sleep, exercise regularly, eat nutritious foods, and keep your stress levels at a minimum.

For more resources on staying healthy during these times, visit for updates and more information.

Whether you are taking precautionary measures, or if your home or workplace has been infected by coronavirus, we are here to help. For more information on best cleaning and disinfecting practices, or to schedule a professional cleaning and disinfecting of your establishment, give us a call at 619-284-4239, or contact us at There is solidarity in knowing that we’re all in this together, so during these uncertain times, be safe, stay at home, practice social distancing, and stay healthy, so we can all get together soon and beat this thing.

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