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How to Handle A Crime Scene Clean Up

Posted by Jackson Short on Wed, Jul 17, 2019

Death is not a subject that most people want to talk about, but when it happens it can leave us shocked and unprepared to deal with the aftermath. No matter the cause of death, there still must be clean up efforts involved.

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Crime scenes that had a victim that was either injured or perished can have all kinds of bio hazards associated with them. Cleaning these scenes requires specialized training, and in no case should it be handled by anyone other than professionals. Our professional teams here at Clean Earth Restorations go through intensive training in order for them to have the right knowledge, ability, and experience to properly handle and clean any type of scene with bio hazardous materials. These skill sets are a product of proper certification through the American Bio Recovery Association. All of our technicians here at Clean Earth Restorations are ABRA certified.

Most police officers and city officials will do their best to keep crime scenes hidden from the public eye, and for good reason. Not only can these sights cause significant emotional stress, they can also be hazardous to your health. These are some of the main reasons why proper bio-hazard cleaning of these scenes should be left solely to the professionals. Not only do they have the knowledge for proper cleaning, disinfecting, and restoration, but they are also trained and versed on providing compassion and respect for the victims and their loved ones to provide the best possible outcome in these situations.

If there comes a time where you might need these types of services, one thing we want to emphasize is don't stress about the costs. These situations are often covered by insurance. Additionally, we are very experienced with working closely alongside law enforcement, family members, property managers, and landlords to make sure the property get restored back to the way it was. Through containing, cleaning, and proper restoration techniques, we'll bring the property back to it's previous state prior to the event which occurred.

Here at Clean Earth Restorations, we consider ourselves to be San Diego's leading experts in crime scene clean up. We know how sensitive these situations can be, and we want to make sure to take the burden off your hands. Don't deal with this alone. Let the professionals handle it. For more information give us a call at 619-284-4239, or contact us at

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