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Important Things to Know About Water Damage

Posted by Luke O'Leary on Fri, May 25, 2018

Water damage is a serious issue to any building, and there is a lot to know about it. We have comprised a short list so you can be ahead of the game if you ever encounter any water damage around your home or building. It's best to learn now, instead of frantically trying to figure out what to do when a water related accident occurs.


Early Signs of Water Damage

Fix any Water Leaks Early

Even small water leaks can cause huge problems later on, which will cause you huge costs to fix. You want to fix and repair any leaks you encounter in your home or building. Don't ignore small leaks because "it's just a couple of drops now and then." Small leaks, especially in dark, warm places (even worse if it is happening around wood) are the perfect boost mold needs to grow. Even small leaks can rot wood, and cause mold problems. It is best to tackle these problems as early as possible top prevent major water damage problems in the future, and to save money on your repair bill.

Inspect for Mold

Take a tip from the pros, after any signs of water damage (no matter how small) or leaks, inspect the area for mold. Professional water damage restoration companies have specific tools for this, and are your best option, but you should always give the area a thorough look yourself. For houses and buildings in warmer climates, this is even more important. Warm, moist areas are the ideal environment for mold to grow, so you should always be on the look out for any discoloration in worrisome areas.


What to Do About Water Damage

Start Drying Right Away

Anytime you encounter water damage you need to start drying right away. Remove excess water and allow as much air circulation to the room as possible. We always recommend calling a water damage restoration service, they have the proper tools to remedy the situation quickly and prevent further water damage to your home or building. Even when you called a professional water damage restoration service to fix the situation, you should take action to help the situation. Don't use vacuums or other electrical devices near water damaged areas, as they can cause serious harm to your well-being.

For smaller areas, dry out the area as soon as you find the water damage. After you have repaired the cause of the problem, make sure you check for mold! If you don't feel you can comfortably diagnose a mold problem, call a mold remediation company. A professional mold restoration service will have the proper tools to diagnose any potential mold problems.


Fix Water Damaged Areas as Soon as Possible

This is the most important tip! You need to address water damage as soon as possible, it is not a problem to put off. The longer you put off repairing the water damage (especially in warm, moist climates like San Diego), the more damage you will incur. Mold will grow, damage will spread, wood will rot. Experts agree that the first 24 to 48 hours are the most important in addressing water damage problems. These initial hours are so important to act on to prevent permanent damage and the growth of toxic mold and bacteria. That is why you need to know the information of a water damage repair specialist that will react as soon as possible (like Clean Earth Restorations!).


For Serious Water Damage, Check Your Insurance

If you have significant water damage to your home or building, check your insurance. Home owners insurance may cover what water damage your home has incurred. It is important to note, homeowners insurance varies from plan type and provider, so check what types of water damage are covered under your insurance. A professional water damage remediation company will have experience with these insurances, and a really good one will help you figure yours out and help you communicate with your insurance provider.

Here at Clean Earth Restorations we are such a water damage remediation service. We will work with you to properly utilize and guide you through your homeowners insurance. We specialize in water damage restoration and mold remediation, we carry all the proper tools to properly handle the job, and have raving reviews on our response time and customer service. If you have any water damage restoration work you need done, or a accident has occurred that has caused water damage in your home, give us a call at 888-471-6653 (24/7) or contact us through our website at

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