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Prevent Indoor Water Damage - Four Tips To Prevent Indoor Flooding

Posted by Kim Jones on Tue, Oct 18, 2016

What to do after a house flood! Emergency Steps for Water Damage

As a San Diego resident, you don't often think about your house flooding. Typically house floods are associated with areas that experience more severe weather. But, every house is at risk of flooding from a variety of areas.

So how do you get prepared? Here are a few things in and around your home that you should keep in mind to prevent a flood.

Drain Pipes
Clogged drain pipes that back up in sinks, tubs and toilets can cause severe damage to your home and property. You may notice a bit of standing water in a tub or sink. Pay attention to warning signs and consider having a plumber check your clean-outs and possibly snake your drains to remove obstacles.

Rain Guttscreen_shot_2013-03-13_at_4.24.42_pm-1.pngers
With so little rain in San Diego, we often ignore our rain gutters. Water can back up in clogged gutters and overflow. This can lead to flooding around the foundation of your home. Routine checks and cleaning of rain gutters can be "penny wise".

Washing Machine Hoses
Again, it's another device in our home that we don't pay much attention to, until there is water flowing out of our laundry room, damaging flooring, walls and furniture. Intake hoses and leak and burst. Replacing your hose with a braided hose that is less likely to deteriorate and burst is one great step. There are also washing machine valve shutoff kits that you can install on your washing machine so that the kit senses anything out of order and shuts off the water.

Water Heaters
You may be lucky enough to have your water heater outside, but many of us have one indoors and a leak in your water heater can cause major damage to your home. If you are not home to stop the leak then real trouble can ensue.


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