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Reopening in COVID Times

Posted by Jackson Short on Sun, Apr 05, 2020

Recently we’ve been hearing more and more talk about reopening the economy. While there currently aren’t any set dates, we are seeing progress towards a reopening in the forms of parks, hiking trails, and beaches opening back up in California for passive use. While this is exciting progress, we are still nowhere close to being out of the COVID pandemic. Any reopening will need to be done with great care and attention to detail involving the cleanliness and safety of your establishment, be it a school, a business, or your home.

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If things begin to reopen we will have to keep in mind that social distancing will not stop. Good daily habits, such as wearing a protective face mask and carefully washing your hands throughout the day, and practicing social distancing will help reduce our risk of exposure to the virus. A large proponent of opening the country back up will be in cleaning and disinfecting public spaces, which can include businesses, workplaces, schools, and also can be done with your home.

When going about COVID-19 specialized cleaning and disinfecting, it is important to develop a plan. This cleaning plan should be thorough yet malleable, and should be maintained and revised on a regular basis. Items to keep in mind are high-volume areas, frequently-touched surfaces, frequently-used objects, and anywhere there may be a significant risk of becoming contaminated. It is important to clean these areas frequently. Soap and water will decrease how much of the coronavirus is found on objects and surfaces, however the best defense is in EPA-approved disinfectants. Here at Clean Earth Restorations, we consider ourselves as one of the leading bio-hazardous and infectious disease cleaning and disinfecting companies in the San Diego county. Our certified personnel use EPA-approved disinfectants to properly clean and eliminate traces of the COVID-19 virus. Our services extend from homes, to workplaces, to schools, and beyond. As one of the leading cleaning and restorations companies in San Diego, we implore you to use best practices and best judgement during these times. If you are an essential business, or if you are a part of a reopening plan, don’t wait.

Call us today at 619-284-4239 to schedule a COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting of your establishment, or contact us at There is solidarity in knowing that we’re all in this together, so during these uncertain times, be safe, stay at home, practice social distancing, and stay healthy, so we can all get together soon and beat this thing.

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