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Some Quick Tips on Inspecting Your House for Water Damage

Posted by Luke Henning on Sun, May 13, 2018

Water damage is a genuine issue and can lead some serious problems. Water damage doesn’t just cause damage to walls and floors and cause mold to grow, but it can also cause permanent structural damage to the building. Over at Clean Earth Restorations we want you to be ahead of the situation, so we’ve written out some tips to help you out.

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Can Electrical Fires Be Caused by Flooding?

Posted by Luke Henning on Wed, Feb 28, 2018

Fire is probably not the first thing you think of as the result of flooding, especially not months later. Following the major flooding that swept through Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley, and many other areas of San Diego during the wet season in 2016 corroded wiring in an business park set off a trio of small electrical fires within these buildings that caused immense property damage. For this reason we here at Clean Earth want to take a moment to talk about factors that can lead to these fires.

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Flood Season is Coming to San Diego Again

Posted by Luke Henning on Wed, Jan 10, 2018


The San Diego County flood season is upon us again, thanks to January's heavy rains. In fact, thanks to the drought we experienced throughout Southern California in 2017 the risk of flooding has increased significantly. We here at Clean Earth Restorations want to take a moment to talk about this upcoming flood season and how you should go about dealing with it.


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Flood Repair San Diego | Why You Need to Hire an Expert

Posted by Kim Jones on Mon, Aug 07, 2017

No one wants to think about a flood in their home or business, but if it happens you need to know what to do first. Even for small floods (a washing machine that overflows) you need to consider all of the potential damage.Clean Earth Restorations is a flood damage repair expert. We not only get the water out, but we know what to look for when assessing the damage, we provide a detailed estimate of repair and we work directly with insurance companies, representing YOU.

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