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Flood Damage Repair: Does it matter if I hire a certified firm?

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, Jan 23, 2013

When you have flood damage to your home or business and you are looking at flood cleanup and repair, you most likely are going to need to hire a company to assist. In many cases the damage will be covered by your insurance, but filing a claim to recover the cost of the damage means it's important to follow correct cleanup procedures.

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Restoration Companies: How do I find the right one?

Posted by Kim Jones on Mon, Oct 29, 2012

When you need a to hire the right restoration company it's because you've got a problem -- a flood to your home or business -- fire damage -- a sewage leak -- you've discovered mold. None of these are fun situations and they can be complicated to repair and claim for insurance. That's why knowing how to hire the right restoration contractor is so important. Restoration Contractors are different than general contractors. Restoration contractors specialize in the remediation and repair of damaged property. We are experts at repair and in dealing with insurance adjusters. We represent you -- and make sure you get what you need and your property is back they way you want it.

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