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Water Damage Repair San Diego | What To Do and When

Posted by Kim Jones on Wed, Jul 05, 2017

Unfortunately, water damage in your home is a year-round threat, from leaky washing machine hoses to heavy rainfall that invades your living space. At Clean Earth Restorations, we know water damage repair in San Diego - we are the experts and can help you navigate the damage and get your home back to normal.AdobeStock_100882021.jpeg

When you have water damage to your home there are some important things to consider and understand. These include:

1. The Three Catagories of Water: Not all water is the same; it’s actually categorized into three categories. Category 1 is clean water and not hazardous. Category 2 has a low level of hazardous materials that have been built up in the water. Category 3 is extremely dangerous (sewage); the levels of unwanted material in this level of water can cause serious health issues if consumed.

2. How to Identify the Source of the Water: It is important to find the entry point of the water and follow its path seeing exactly what the water has damaged. To assist you in this process, professional water restoration companies will have the tools necessary to trace the water from its source.

3. The Removal Process: Once the point of water entry has been discovered it is important to remove and / or dispose of all items that have been damaged as quickly as possible so that the water damage does not spread and mold does not have a chance to grow.

4. The Drying Process: Once all of the water-damaged materials have been removed it is important to place them in an environment that facilitates drying to stop the growth of bacteria and fungus. For items that cannot be moved such as carpet, water restoration companies have industrial fans and dehumidifiers that will help dry them out.

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